Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winter Holiday in Hongkong

At Hongkong Disneyland
At Ocean Park HK
At Avenue of Stars,Victoria Harbour Hongkong
     I have done travels only within our country. I want to explore first places within our country, I dont want to be a stranger in our own country but I cannot say no to my children when they wanted to go to Hongkong because of Disneyland. And so My husband and I decided to go there by tour since it will be our first time there. We got the tour inside Festival Mall, Alabang. Three days and two nights. On the first day,we will try to rest and in the afternoon we went to the Peak,Madame Tussauds wax Museum and the Night Market. On the Second day we went to a jewelry factory and Pasalubong store then to Disneyland and on the third day The Waterfront,Victoria Harbour and  Ocean Park. By 5pm we have to be in the airport for departure. My eldest wanted to go on a month of  December for us to experience the so called winter season. I was so apprehensive at first since I cannot bear a cold weather. Your guess was right, It was 9 degrees celcius when we arrived there. Super cold without the snow. I cannot barely walk because of the cold same with the rest of the family. My youngest daughter is complaining because of her open sandals which slipped my mind,so we have to buy her a rubber shoes in the nearest mall.

Hongkong International
At Madame Tussauds wax Museum

In front of Sasa store

     Our chosen hotel BP International Hotel was located at Tsim Tsa Tsui, the downtown of Hongkong similar to Manila. Very lucky that beside this hotel is a 7-11 store and a grocery named  Park and Shop. And across the hotel is a Sasa store,very lucky indeed! My husband who is more lakwatsero than me was even able to explore the place. He and my eldest dined in a dimsum restaurant nearby,eat the food at sidewalks and went to malls beside the hotel.

     Next time you travel and chose it outside the country,go with someone. It is more worth it if you have a family or a friend with you in a strange country and be sure to have a credit card with you for emergency purposes.

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