Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Mercato Central Experience

if you are craving for Cebu's lechon-there's Papa Jack's Cebu Lechon
My take out for the night-Medchef pastries

If you want a hawaiian style chicken from Yummo
nachos from Rodrigo's 

Me with my tacklings

grilled rib-eye steak
     Have seen Mercato Central from TV and Magazines, so I decided to go with my kids. We were there before 10pm. I suggest you go there 9:30pm to get a good parking space. It is located at Bonifacio Global City.My first stop is Mochiko,mochi balls. It is a sweet rice flour with an icecream inside. I had avocado and my daughter chocolate.The avocado was so delicious. My son had the QSTC grilled ribeye steak while I had the tacklings. Tacklings are mini tacos. I also had the nachos from Rodrigo's,a mexican stall.Who wouldnt leave without a take out. My take out for the night,Papa Jack's Cebu lechon and Medchef  pastries.we left at 12pm with a heavy stomach!lol!.  What a food trip night !

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